Angel Lover Mothers Day Flowers,Preserved Flower Rose,Never Withered Roses,





High Quality rose flower;
Flower size: 1.57-1.97 inch
Outer box’s size: 4.1*4.1*3.5 inch
Shipping weight (including gift box):450g
1. Preserved fresh flower can stay for 3-5 years, not withering.
2. You can decorate your living room, bed room, study, office.
3. Eternal flower is made of real flower, keeping real flowers’characters like structure, color, style by professional florists. It is not only a flower, but also a work of art.
4. The procedure: pick, dehydrate, decolorize, dry, dye. It is like a real flower on color, character, feel. And it can have more colors and usages to dye per your likes.
5. The flower has no pollen, even if you are a pollen allergy guy, you can enjoy this rose flower. How to maintain:
1. Preserved fresh flower is for indoor decoration, please don’t put it outside or in the sun.
2. If flower is covered with dust, please use blower(cold light wind) to blow the dust at the distance of 20cm, don’t wash it with water.
3. Flowers will absorb water and become humid in over-humid area and season. If humid and unventilated, it will get mildewed, ventilate and shine it, it will renew. If your clothing get tainted from flowers, just wash it with soap.
4. It will be dry on dry weather such as fall and winter, it will recover when the weather become humid. And please don’t put it near air conditioner or vent.
5. Preserved fresh flowers keep the original flavor during processing, it will not impact your health.
6. Eternal flowers are ornaments, please don’t let your babies or kids eat.
7.As flower is the natural growth, the size of each flower is different.If you are not satisfied, can return it for free.


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