Roses Without Chemicals: 150 Disease-Free Varieties That Will Change the Way You Grow Roses





“I wish I had this when I planted my rose garden twenty-five years ago. I am now about to plant another garden, full of wonderful rose varieties and I intend to follow Peter’s advice wholeheartedly.” —Martha Stewart

“A valuable guide for gardeners wanting to try roses that are less disease-prone.” —Library Journal

“Most gardeners are no longer willing to spray their roses for pests and diseases because it’s time consuming, expensive and known to be ecologically damaging. So this authoritative book about growing roses sustainably, is a timely addition.” —Gardens Illustrated Online  

“An enormously valuable book, particularly for those looking to grow roses organically.” —American Gardener 

“Don’t ever shop for roses without this book in hand.” —PNW Magazine

From the Back Cover

Spray no more!

Roses have a reputation for being finicky garden plants that require chemicals and fertilizers to stay healthy and disease free. Fortunately, recent breeding efforts have produced disease-resistant varieties that perform beautifully in all kinds of conditions. Peter E. Kukielski, former curator of the award-winning rose garden at the New York Botanical Garden, highlights 150 of these tough, new varieties, rating them for disease resistance, flowering, and fragrance. He also tells which perform best in each region and teaches simple cultivation techniques that will result in gorgeous, easy-care gardens filled with healthy roses.  

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